i never understood the whole gender disagreement

there are two genders in most animals. humans are one of those animals.

males are male, females are female

why is it that when someone goes through a sex change, we have to use special pronouns?

like, if someone goes from man to woman, i would call them a “she”

not a “zhe” or a “xhe” or whatever

because that’s not the gender they became.

now if you want to be androgynous, that’s cool. good for you. but on medical forms and other legal documents you should absolutely be required put your actual current gender down, because that makes everything much less confusing for officials and doctors and whatever. like what if you have testicular cancer or something. you don’t want to be telling everyone you’re not a male like man that’d suck.

you can’t change the fact that there are only two genders, it’s just the way nature decided was best. so getting furiously angry when someone doesn’t understand your made up gender is not only futile, but also just plain rude and is likely to make people not want to talk to you. it’s not discrimination, it’s just utter confusion.

could someone please explain to me why my view of this is somehow wrong?

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